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The Basic Kit

The Basic Kit is similar to the Single Pack, but with a few less bells and whistles. It's a great choice if you're looking to join some friends who have their own stuff. Unlike the Single Pack, the Basic doesn't come with kitchen supplies or a water filtration system; but no need to worry, it still has all the safety materials you hopefully won't need. Dinner is not included.

The Basic Kit includes;

  • 55-75L backpack

  • MEC Camper 2 Tent

  • Reactor sleeping mat 

  • Centaurus sleeping bag 

  • sleeping bag liner 

  • MEC Deluxe inflatable pillow 

  • travel towel

  • bear bell

  • headlamp (batteries included)

  • first aid kit

  • pocket knife/multi-tool

  • WilderSol Survival Kit

  • lighter

  • information booklet


$100/one night

$140/two nights

$170/three nights

Prices include taxes!

If you are looking for a longer rental we are happy to accommodate. Also, If you have any of the gear, we are able to provide price adjustments depending on what gear you have. Please mention in the comments during checkout. 

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