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Martin Snowball

Growing up on the West Coast I spent a lot of time

outdoors. The first overnight hike I ever did was the

Juan De Fuca Trail, and from then on I was hooked.


Over the years I continued to gather more and more

gear, until I was finally ready to do the West Coast

Trail. Since then I’ve lived in Halifax for several years,

and done hikes all across the country. I spent a year

and a half travelling the world surfing and hiking.


My most recent trip (Pre COVID) was a month long

road-trip across the US, living out of my car with my cousin and sleeping in a tent. We camped in Kentucky, Colorado, and even spent a night at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.


After moving back to Vancouver I started doing overnight hikes with my girlfriend and exploring more of BC. Thankfully, I had the gear to get her outdoors, but I remembered how difficult it was in the beginning, which led to the creation of Bigfoot Backpack Rentals. I wanted to find a way to make overnight camping less intimidating and allow other people to share in the amazing hikes that our province has to offer.


So please, feel free to reach out and ask any questions! I can’t wait to share the great outdoors with all of you!

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