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Montana Fox

I have always had a fascination and awe for mother

nature but it wasn’t much more than that - just

admiring the idea of her. Growing up in Ontario then

moving to Halifax for University, I was only exposed to

the smaller joys of nature. After moving to the west 

coast in 2020 my awe grew into deep respect. Trees

as large as giants, glacial lakes as blue as the sky and

mountains grand enough to humble anyone. 

As much as I adore nature I would have a hard time

getting deep into the woods had I not fallen for a

man who loves outdoor activities. My boyfriend had all the equipment for backcountry camping, making it a flawless step for me. I didn’t even know what the word backcountry meant when I moved here! 


Climbing a mountain in itself is intimidating enough let alone preparing and buying everything to do so. I want to help everyone as inexperienced as I was a year ago feel confident enough to explore the outdoors without worrying about the small things. 


I believe nature is always calling us in some form. I am part Ojibwe and I have been putting more of an effort into connecting to my roots recently, so embracing nature has felt like a big welcome home from my ancestors. My history and spirituality is what calls me back to the woods, I hope we help you discover what part of the forest is calling you.

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