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Gear Gear Gear Gear!

This is my favourite part about hiking. I love camping gear. It’s been so much fun watching it develop over the last few decades, and I’m so excited to see where it goes next. I got my first tent when I was 15, back in 2010, and was still using it up until a month ago when it got stolen… however, on the bright side, now I get to find a new tent to keep for the next chapter of my life! But you probably don’t care too much about that, you’re here to learn what kind of gear you need to bring on an overnight hike.

It’s cool, because the list can be broken down into a few basic categories, and they create a perfect balance of survival.

Shelter / Food / Water / Emergency

Clothing is important too, but we covered that in our last article, if you’re curious take a look “Overnight Packlist” but for now we’re focusing on the gear you’ll be using for these three categories!

Shelter could just be considered a tent, but that would be pretty uncomfortable, so we’ll chuck in a few extras to make it feel a bit more like home.

· Tent

· Sleeping Mat

· Sleeping Bag

· Sleeping Bag Liner

· Pillow

All of these pieces can be packed down to easily fit in your bag, then when you get to your campsite, you bust em out and set them up! Just like that, you’ve got a home in the woods. But what’s a home without a kitchen.

Each pack also comes with what we call a portable kitchen. You’ve got a stove to cook your meal, plates and cutlery to eat it, and of course a small container of soap to clean up afterwards.

· Portable stove

· Propane

· Lighter

· Pot

· Plate

· Fork/spoon

· Soap

· Washcloth

At Bigfoot Backpacks, we’re firm believers in hydration, so rather than just give you some clean water tablets, we provide full water filtration systems! They can be used on pretty much any water and are reusable, which is great for you and the planet. They’re super easy to use, and work surprisingly fast – we just ask that you bring your own water-bottle. We figured, for obvious reasons, you’d probably prefer it that way anyways.

· Water Filtration System

· Personal Water Bottle (this is the only thing on the list we don’t actually provide)

Ideally, you won’t have to use most of the emergency gear we give you, but it would be incredibly irresponsible to go hiking without it.

· Multi-tool (pocket knife)

· Emergency Blanket

· Bear Bell

· Waterproof Matches

· First Aid Kit

Most of these pieces will only be needed if something were to go wrong, except for the bear bell, it’s a nice piece of preventative gear that will keep the spooky bears away from you. It can also help to just speak loudly to your hiking mates to make sure the bears hear you before you see them.

And that’s it! All the essential hiking gear you need to spend a successful night in the woods. We hope you have as much fun playing with the gear as we do!

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