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Buying camping gear can be tricky, so we're here to make renting easy. We did a quick little breakdown of reasons it makes sense to rent!

Cost - First and foremost buying all the gear is expensive! Yes, it pays off in the long run but who's to say you’ll enjoy it enough or have the time to go multiple times a summer. It’s never a bad idea to test something out before investing in it. And we’re more than happy to discuss our gear with you after you try it out. There’s a lot of random things to consider when picking gear, so ask away!

Storage - We all try to Marie Kondo our closets but let’s be real, most of us accumulate more stuff than we need. And with all that stuff comes the issue of where to put it. Gear takes up a lot of room, and a lot of apartments don’t have huge storage rooms. So, unless you’re going enough to make it worth it, renting is a great option.

Simplicity - Unpacking all the gear, airing it out, washing it, and packing it up isn’t fun! We hate it, but it’s part of the price you pay if you want to maintain quality gear that will last. Lucky for you, we do the tedious work, so you don’t have to. Just make sure all the gear is in the pack and we’ll deal with it for you.

Time saving - Our goal with these all-inclusive rentals is that you shouldn’t need to go to a store (other than the grocery store) before your trip or after. We provide everything, so as long as you have proper hiking attire then all you have to do is be home when we drop the gear off and you’re on your way!

Peace of mind - You have no need to worry about if you brought the right gear or if you missed something. We triple check the packs before we hand them off to you so you can be sure you have everything you need.

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