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Rental Information

Please fill out the following information so we can get you the information and proper gear you need to get out in the backcountry.


Phone Number:



How many packs will you need?

What date would you like to start your trip?

Number of Nights:

How many nights will you need your gear? We provide a free drop off the night before.


Help us find the right hike for you by providing us with some information of the level of difficulty you are looking for.

Length of Hike:

Anything below 10km would be considered easy. 15km+ is getting a little more difficult.


Hiking Experience:

Do you have any previous hiking experience?


Dinner Option:

We provide our customers with a dehydrated meal so theres one less stop on your way to the woods. (included in rental price)


Elevation Rating:

The steepness of a hike greatly effects the difficulty of it.


How far are you willing to drive? (distance is from downtown Vancouver)


Camera Included?

Would you like us to add a disposable camera to your pack and have the film developed for you? ($35)


Your content has been submitted

Maximum Distance From Vancouver:

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