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Pack Details


Number of Packs:

How many packs will you need?

One Night    Two Nights    Three nights

The Basic


Single Pack

Double Pack

$100          $140              $170


$130          $200              $250

$220           $340             $420


Number of Nights:

How many nights will you need your gear? 


Camera Included?

Would you like us to add a point and shoot film camera to your pack then have us develop the film for you?  Your photos will be sent directly to your email from the developers. ($35)

Prices include Taxes!!

Start Date:

What date would you like to start your trip? 

(We provide a free drop off the night before*)

Dinner Option:

Our packs include dehydrated meals so you have one less thing to worry about. If you're going for more than one night we can discuss your dinners after checkout. The Basic does not include dinner.


*We are only able to drop off to: West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Downtown Vancouver, Burnaby, South Vancouver, and Richmond. If you are outside these areas we're happy to set up a drop off at a meeting place.

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